Thursday, February 12, 2015

Peachy Keen Cover Reveal

Peachy Keen (Desire Resort, #3)

COMING SOON from Kate Roth

Georgia Trenton has always been lucky in lust but hasn’t ever been interested in love. She prefers quickies to courtships, never seeing the need for more than just sex.

Years of listening to her best friend Danielle’s relationship woes had assured her she was right to avoid romance altogether. But ever since Dani returned from vacation in love and looking like the poster girl for happily ever after with her new boyfriend Evan Weston, Georgia has been questioning her wild ways and thinking about the future.

In an attempt to forget about the uncertainties that plague her and escape the constant symphony of sex noises coming through the walls of her apartment thanks to Evan and Danielle, Georgia jets off to Desire Resort & Spa hoping to enjoy the rowdy vacation hotspot the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

No strings attached. No commitments. And with one sexy stranger…no names.

But when strings appear, complicating what was supposed to be a carefree getaway, and commitment suddenly doesn’t sound as bad as it used to, Georgia finds herself wondering if lust is really enough.

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And before you read Georgia's story, learn all about how Danielle found herself at Desire Resort & Spa!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Release Day, Britni Hill!

Sun, sand, and sangria are what Megan wanted for spring break. Instead she’s getting linens, centerpieces, and dress fittings. The sister that constantly outshines her is getting married and Megan has to help with the preparations. While their friends are enjoying the beach and a typical college spring break, Matt and Megan are heading to her hometown. 

An overbearing mother. A disapproving father. A stuffy, perfectionist sister. A poorly attempted set up. 

Matt’s doing everything he can to show Megan and her family that she’s loved.

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Excerpt from Loved 

The quiet click of the door closing brought her back from her self-induced zone out. When she opened her eyes, Matt was looking down at her with a soft smile.

“Join me?” She patted the water, making a small splash.

Matt eyed her speculatively before he reached his hand to the back of his shirt and pulled, lifting it over his head in spectacular man fashion. Never taking his eyes off her, he pulled the button on his jeans and lowered them to the floor. She almost laughed at his boxers with palm trees on them, but she got distracted by the sight of his abs and the dark dusting of hair leading downward. Once she dragged her gaze back to his, he smiled at her knowingly and shed his boxers.

Bending her legs, she leaned forward, unsure of where he was going once he was in the tub with her. To her surprise, he went to the opposite side and lowered himself so he was facing her. When his hands grasped her ankles and lifted her feet so one was on either side of him, she squealed in surprise. His low chuckle warmed her.

Matt scooped some bubbles into his hand and watched her from across the water.

“I haven’t taken a bath since I was a kid,” he said in an amused tone.

“I didn’t think you’d actually get in.” She laughed and raised an eyebrow.

Matt shrugged and ran his hands up her calves in a way that went straight to her core.

“Why not?” He gave her a pointed look. “We haven’t had much time alone since we’ve been here. I thought I’d take advantage.”

Her mind caught on one word. Alone. And what alone meant to her. She looked into Matt’s eyes, knowing what was coming.

“You ready to talk about it yet?”

Megan pursed her lips and looked over his shoulder. How could she tell him her parents disapproved so much, they were actively trying to set her up with someone else?

“No. It’s nothing. My mom is crazy. The usual.” She tried for casual, flippant, and she was pretty sure she failed miserably
Matt raised an eyebrow in question and waited. When she didn’t go on, he sighed lightly. He knew there was more. He always knew. He read Megan like an open book. There was no chance she would be interested in the other guy, so there was no reason for Matt to know. He watched her for a second, the air around them growing tense as his long fingers wrapped around her ankles and slid upward.

“Well, come here then,” he said huskily.