Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday : My Writing Needs

10. Music - I need music while I write. Generally I put together a playlist that will get me in the mood for whatever I'm writing. You can find my playlist for The Low Notes here!

9. Laptop - In a pinch, I'll write longhand. On rare occasions I'll write using my iPad. But my trusty laptop is my preference.

8. Notes - Generally I have an outline or at least some character profiles to look over while I write. They tend to be pretty crucial.

7. Refreshments - Depending on my mood and the time of day it's either coffee, hot tea or wine for me.

6. A Clean House - They say a cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind. I'm not sure if that's what it is for me or if I just need to not feel like I have anything else that needs to be taken care of before I write but having a clean home eases my mind enough for me to write. My office tends to stay nice and tidy, you can see it here!

5. Weak Signal - Beware the Internet! The infamous time-wasters Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google need to be nearly inaccessible for me to focus.

4. Freedom - Meaning : the dog has been fed and walked, the husband has been fed and is occupied with homework, the dishes are done, I'm off duty from work and the phone is on vibrate. Freeeedom!

3. Inspiration - I know it's time to write when I've been talking to myself in the car for a week, plotting during haircuts and dreaming of romance novels.

2. Time - Sigh.It's probably my biggest hurdle in writing. With my day job, family and social life, I have to work very hard to make the time.

1. Ideas - Currently I have 8, yes EIGHT, works in progress. I'm trying my best to focus on 3 or less with the hopes of finishing one of them by the end of this year. I will never complain of having too many ideas because it will be the thing that creates a career for me but sometimes...I wish they would wait to pop into my head until I am finished with one project.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hand Cramp

My very first book signing was a total success! I sold 43 books (my entire stash!) and got to see tons of friends and family. By then end of it, I'll admit, I was exhausted. It made me wonder how J.K. Rowling must feel or any big time author for that matter. There were tons of people waiting in line for Meg Cabot, she must've been so tired at the end of it!

The whole experience was pretty surreal. It's still hard to believe that I made my dream come true. Here's a few pics from the day. Again, thanks to everyone who came out, got a book (or multiple!) and supported not only me but the awesome independent book store Mudsock Books! Be sure to give them some love in the future.

Trying to look important. And yes, that's a cat.

Kate Roth, author of The Low Notes

My husband, Adam.

That's fellow Rebel Britni Hill!!

Signing books

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Book Geek!

This week I had the opportunity to meet a famous author! Meg Cabot (author of over thirty novels, most notably the Princess Diaries series) was at my local Barnes & Noble store for her newest release in the Heather Wells series, Size 12 and Ready to Rock. 

Totally cool!!

She was very kind to the entire crowd and was so funny! It was so reassuring to listen to her speak about how long she tried to break into her career as an author. It took her four years of rejections before someone picked up her first novel.

Clearly she found success but hearing her backstory reminded me how lucky I am to have found a publisher relatively quickly. It made me hopeful for my budding career and motivated me to want to get back on my writing so I can be submitting again by the end of the year. 

So, we met and she signed my copy of Size 12 and Ready to Rock...and she was more than gracious about accepting a copy of The Low Notes in case she felt like taking a peek! Can't hurt, right?

Me and the lovely and talented Meg Cabot (glasses are sexy and that's a fact!)

In two weeks I'll be meeting another famous author (one of my favorites), Emily Giffin, on a road trip to Chicago. Hopefully some of their success will rub off on me and I'll being on a US book tour before too long!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Official Business

This Saturday I'll be having my very first book signing at a local bookstore. To say I'm excited would be putting it lightly. I've been signing paperback copies here and there for friends and family since my release but there's something different about the thought of Saturday.

Sitting at a table signing away for person after person (hopefully!) seems so official. It might just make me feel like a real author!

I'll have pictures asap and I'll be writing all about the experience next week. 

Wish me luck!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has already RSVP'd that they will be there, for all the encouraging words and especially to Mudsock Books & Curiosity Shoppe in Fishers, IN www.mudsockbooks.com

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time to Make Some Time

Some of you may have noticed that I've been slacking a bit in the blog post and Facebook/Twitter update department. I have to admit it's been a challenge to keep up with recently. Between work and home, the handful of parties I'm throwing in the next few weeks and trying to get some sleep squeezed in, I feel like I've been spending a lot of time away from all things author.

I can tell you this though, I've been trapped in my head with a few new characters that I'm excited to work on! It's all a matter of finding the time or making the time. I wish I could hole up in the house, call in sick to work and avoid all other responsibilities for a few weeks and dedicate every second to my newest work-in-progress but sadly that isn't a realistic option.

For a while I had this goal in my head of finishing another novel to be ready for submission by the end of the year. It was an overly ambitious statement that I kinda wish I hadn't said since goals like that tend to bite me in the butt. So I'm not working with a date in mind and I'm not pressuring myself with a deadline. I'm going to kick it old school and simply write to write! 

Send me your good vibes that I can find the time to do what I love most all while keeping up with that little thing called life.