Monday, July 23, 2012

Hand Cramp

My very first book signing was a total success! I sold 43 books (my entire stash!) and got to see tons of friends and family. By then end of it, I'll admit, I was exhausted. It made me wonder how J.K. Rowling must feel or any big time author for that matter. There were tons of people waiting in line for Meg Cabot, she must've been so tired at the end of it!

The whole experience was pretty surreal. It's still hard to believe that I made my dream come true. Here's a few pics from the day. Again, thanks to everyone who came out, got a book (or multiple!) and supported not only me but the awesome independent book store Mudsock Books! Be sure to give them some love in the future.

Trying to look important. And yes, that's a cat.

Kate Roth, author of The Low Notes

My husband, Adam.

That's fellow Rebel Britni Hill!!

Signing books

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