Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Anniversary Rebel Ink Press!

Rebel Ink Press is 2 years old! So many thanks to RIP for publishing The Low Notes and for being a fantastic team to work with. We are celebrating their birthday by recounting some first date disasters so here is my tale. Enjoy and be sure to check out some other rebels today via Rebel Reasoning.

First Date Disaster

The dreaded blind date. I never imagined I would ever go on a blind date and I certainly didn’t think I’d be going on one at eighteen. My high school pal told me she had a great guy for me and that he was dying to take me to a movie. I reluctantly agreed only after grilling her about what he was like. She claimed he was nice and funny and cute. 

It’s clear to me now that she was doing him a favor. He wasn’t a gargoyle or anything but she was one of my best friends and clearly knew my taste in guys and he was not it. He was much shorter than me and was a tad rough around the edges. He barely came to my front door, barely introduced himself before whisking me off to the movies. I was disappointed that we weren’t going to dinner before since you can’t exactly talk and get to know someone during a movie.

Apparently I didn’t know anything about dating this particular guy because he found a way around that general rule. A few minutes into the movie (I honestly can’t even remember the title) he started talking! And not “This movie is funny” or “I’m going to get more popcorn”…he was obnoxious! Repeating lines from the movie, asking me about myself and ripping on the people sitting a few rows in front of us. I was mortified and irritated to say the least.

I tried to give him a hint. I folded my arms across my chest so he could stop reaching for my hand and I looked straight ahead not acknowledging his chatter. I don’t mind a few quick sentences during a movie but quietly and respectful of the other people around you. He was talking in a normal voice roughly every five minutes. I wanted to kill him. I wished I had driven myself so I could just bolt.

He simply drove me back to my house seemingly without the slightest inkling that I was pissed at him. I remember him trying to kiss me and me turning my head and giving him a hesitant hug. He was so clearly not the guy for me and it felt like a waste of my time. But, hey, it’s a story and maybe there was a girl out there who loved to blab through a movie right along with him. I hope for his sake there was.


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  2. Happy anniversary!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you! :) Wishing you many, many more years of success! Many blessings to you all! Wow! Ya all have had some disasters. I hope your next date (with a different man) was 100 times better! I hate when people talk through movies too. Drives me nuts! Thanks for sharing!