Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cover Reveal : In Control by Crystal Serowka

Check out this PHENOMENAL cover! Crystal Serowka's second novel in The City Series is coming out October 27th and today she is sharing the cover and a teaser from the book! 

Have a look at In Control...

In Control

Bitch. Whore. Slut. Those were just a few of the names I’d been called since I began growing breasts. The boys all stared, gawking at the exposed skin above my navel. Their eyes followed the length of my bare legs, revealing their desire with a smile in my direction. No matter how hard they tried to get my attention, boys were never my thing. They were fragile. Inexperienced. Full of hope.

Girls resented my appeal, always laughing and pointing when I hopped into a different car every day after school. They never understood why I did the things I did; why I made it my mission in life to seduce men and then toss them aside like yesterday’s garbage. Instead of trying to understand, they chose to spread shameless rumors. Their jealousy never got under my skin like they were hoping it would. I loved the attention. In fact, I loved it so much that I started going after their boyfriends. The girls had no idea that whatever name they called me, whatever they wrote on my locker, it wasn’t ever going to bother me. I had been shattered a long time ago, and the shards of my former self were so sharp nothing else could ever harm me.

I’d been thrown away; kicked to the curb like I was the stray mongrel no one wanted. I let my guard down too many times to count and promised myself that I’d never be vulnerable again.

I was never any good at keeping promises.

His lips touched my neck, bringing me back to the moment. Wren lay next to me, his skin melting against mine. A drop of sweat fell onto my lips and I tasted the saltiness of our exertion. I’d been in this bed so many times now that I knew the softest spots on the mattress. I’d memorized the smell of Wren’s pillow, the delicate fabric bursting with the scent of cedarwood and vanilla. It was October when I first visited his home, and now, with the trees dressed in bright green, I lay here in his bed, my head and heart at odds. I wanted to be with Wren, but the one time I had allowed a label to represent how I felt, I had been betrayed. 

I studied his bare chest, my fingers roaming over the patches of freckles.

“Making constellations again?” he asked, resting on his elbows to watch my busy fingers.

“Just Perseus.”

“You’re the first person that’s ever pointed that out.”

“That’s probably because all of your other girlfriends were dumb as rocks and didn’t know a thing about constellations,” I retorted.

Wren laughed quietly, not denying my words. We never discussed exes, and I was happy about that. Explaining Porter to someone who was the complete opposite of him would be an impossible task.  

We lay in silence, my fingers not wanting to leave his skin. We’d been in Wren’s bed since this morning, and I could have stayed wrapped in his embrace forever. Tangled in his blood red sheets, I was safe from the evil that lurked outside. In this bed, I couldn’t run into anyone from my past.

“Think we should get up? We can grab some food before I head to Jay’s.” Wren turned on his side, his fingers leisurely roaming my skin. His effortless touch made my insides tremble, forcing me to take a few calming breaths.  

I hated leaving him. I hated that I was slowly becoming one of those girls. The kind of girl that had nothing else to talk about but the guy they were dating. The kind that became so obsessed with her boyfriend, she scheduled her whole life around him. I wasn’t that kind of girl. I couldn’t possibly be turning into one.

“You already had me for breakfast and lunch, might as well fill up on me for dinner, too,” I suggested, knowing it would keep him from leaving.

A devious grin formed on Wren’s lips. “Suddenly I’m starving.”  

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Let me just say there was more to this teaser but I don't have a mature reader warning on my page so I had to cut it short. You know what that means? You better buy this book to see all the sexy that I got to see!!! Congrats on your beautiful cover, Crystal. Can't wait to read In Control this October.

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