Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Art of Tease

For those of you who are fans of authors and book review blogs on Facebook, you'll no doubt have already noticed the trend that has been going on for some time. 

The teaser pic.

A photo with a quick quote from a book to pull you in. It's the movie trailer for books (though actual book trailers are on the rise too!). I've recently been collecting a stock pile of photos for ALL of my works in progress and I've been hard at work creating a wealth of teaser pics for my books.

I must say it's been a lot of fun finding people who look enough like my characters to represent my books. A few pictures are already up on my website and Facebook but I just thought you all might like to know that more are coming. I'd like to be releasing teasers every few weeks. A lot will be in preparation for my December 30th release of Natural Harmony but I'm also making teasers for Last Resort (my first erotic romance), the next two Confession Records novels, The Low Notes, Reckless Radiance and maybe a top secret project I'm working on ;)

Here's a little taste of my first baby, The Low Notes ... more to come from all my books!

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