Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Split Personality

I've been writing since middle school but for a period of time after I left college I stopped writing consistently. Then in 2008 I had my first idea in a very long time. That idea was NOT The Low Notes. Before The Low Notes I was working on a paranormal romance. I adore the genre of paranormal and I've always liked writing and reading it.

The idea started out as a vampire story (because what was hotter in 2008 than vampires?!) but eventually morphed into a story about angels who walk the earth. The story is still collecting dust on my hard drive and every now and then I take a look and edit it a bit. One day I'll finish it. After I took a course on novel writing it became clear to me that the first novel I had in me was The Low Notes.

But I haven't yet lost my love of paranormal. Specifically, young adult paranormal. Last night I was inspired and started working on something of the YA para variety and I have to say I'm a little scared. I know there are lots of authors who cross genres but it's a scary jump. I just keep telling myself that I can't be confined by a certain genre...I have to tell the stories that strike me. And trust me readers, I've been struck.

J.K. Rowling's latest release, The Casual Vacancy, is certainly a different kind of book for her but she has already made more than a name for herself so she's in the category of I-do-what-I-want. Stephen King is in the same boat. He writes less and less horror all the time even though that's what he's known for.

I suppose I could classify what I'm doing by looking at Meg Cabot. She started writing romance (under pen name Patricia Cabot) and then made the leap into YA, middle grade and paranormal. She writes across genres successfully.

So here's hoping my readers have split personalities just like me. An eclectic taste for an eclectic author.

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