Friday, December 14, 2012

My Second Event!

Tonight I'll be signing copies of The Low Notes at an event for the second time in my career. This summer I had my very first signing and I had a great turn out and it was a blast! 

This evening I'll be sharing my night with an incredible author and someone I look up to in so many ways. Julie Young is the author of  multiple non-fiction titles including Historic Irvington, A Brief History of Shelby County Indiana, A Belief in Providence : A Life of Saint Theodora Guerin and The CYO in Indianapolis & Central Indiana

Back in 2008 when I was ready to get back in the writing game there was a listing for a class called "So You Want To Write A Book?". And yes--that was exactly what I wanted to do! I signed up and there was Miss Julie Young at the front of the classroom. The class was informative and fun and most of all it got me excited about the possibilities of what writing could do for me.

Like any two people who meet and don't hate each other in the modern age, we became Facebook friends. A few years later I reached out to her and asked her to take a look at something I had written. From there we had a few meet ups where we talked writing and she gave me some solid advice about what my next move should be. And then it seemed we started talking more about life in general. We talked work and family and our shared love of music and celebrity. 

Julie quickly became my friend and our 'meetings' now consist of a glass of wine and conversations that take us into the late night hours of any old weeknight.

I'm so thrilled that Julie and I will be hosting this book signing together and that the woman who was once my teacher is now someone I can call friend and fellow author! 

If you are local to the Indianapolis area please come out and visit us at Bookmamas in Irvington. All the information is listed on the Events page of this blog and can also be found as a shared event on my Facebook page. Be sure to visit Julie on her website!

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