Friday, December 7, 2012

Work In Progress

So glad to have that name back on my screen. Can't wait for you to meet him!!

Before I ever typed the name Kevin Reed--I had Russell. Back in 2008 when I was getting back into the writing game after a long hiatus a Maroon 5 song sparked an idea in my head. That first idea has transformed many times and today I'm left working on an almost five year old manuscript, finishing it and perfecting it for publication.

I recently titled the novel Reckless Radiance and I can honestly say it's all I think about these days. The passion I had for it in 2008 has returned with even more fire burning for my story. It has been scrapped and rewritten twice and now in its final version (version 3.0) I feel confident that it will be a book I will be incredibly proud to share with my readers.

Send me good vibes! Cheer me on on my Facebook page and Twitter! Here's to 2013--the year of Reckless Radiance!!!

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