Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top Ten (err, five) Tuesday : TV Series Finales

All good things must come to an end, right? Well generally all good TV shows don't end so well. Last Friday my husband and I watched the two hour series finale of Fringe. We'd been watching the show since day one and it was one of our favorites. Though the last episode was good (great acting, the general idea of a wrap up and a few nods to the fans), it wasn't great. I realized there were only a handful of series finales that I truly felt completed by. 

Sadly, there are not ten shows that made their last episode work so here's my top five list in which I get a little creative with my choices.  


Not everyone was thrilled by this series finale because it didn't 'answer all our questions'. That part never bothered me. To me, the show was never about finding out what the smoke monster was or how Jacob got on the island. The show was about Jack's journey--it was about every single character's personal arc and in the end I was satisfied.

4. Saved by the Bell : Wedding in Las Vegas
Okay this is where I got a little creative. Here's what you have to understand, the last season of Saved By The Bell (original cast) sucked! They brought in stupid Tori and Kelly and Jessie weren't in half the episodes and the 'finale' (if you can call it that) was garbage. Then the best of the cast goes on to do The College Years and I would say Wedding in Las Vegas is essentially that show's finale so I'm considering it to be the definitive finale (especially since all the original cast shows up in the end). Oh, that and it's awesome.

3. Doctor Who (The End of Time Parts 1 & 2)
Technically the Brits call a season a 'series'. So this is a 'series' finale. But it's also the end of David Tennant's portrayal of The Doctor. Season 5 is a bit of a reboot with no mention of former companions and an attempt to introduce new viewers so I view this (Season 4's finale) as it's own series finale. Seriously, if you don't watch this show get on Netflix right now and catch up! (starting with 2004's season 1)

2. Sex and the City
LOVE this ending!! We all knew Big and Carrie were meant to be and we finally get those dreams paid off. Though I love the first SATC movie and consider it a nice wrap up to the entire story, this series finale would've kept me just as happy. Favorite moment : finally knowing Big is actually John.

1. Six Feet Under
This remains my favorite show of all time.  I was so nervous for the finale because generally they don't work but boy was I wrong. Complete satisfaction. The show always started with a death so when the show was ending and it showed all of the main characters deaths down the line I was blown away (and a hot freaking mess). It was the perfect ending and the beginning of my musical love of Sia.

I'd love to hear what finales you loved and felt satisfied with! Leave them in the comments section!

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