Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday : New Year's Resolutions

It's a brand new year! It's a time for a fresh start and goals to energize us as we head into 2013. Generally I hate New Year's resolutions but this year I'm feeling kind of hopeful about the situation. Rule #1...no resolutions about food or weight (those ones never seem to work out so we should skip them altogether yeah?). So here goes...my top ten resolutions!

10. Spend more time with friends and family

Time tends to get away from me. I let life get in the way of making plans with the people I love the most. Making time for some of my favorite people shouldn't be too hard.

9. Find the balance

Hair styling and book writing don't really go together so well. Both jobs are creative and fun and I love them both but it can be hard to shift gears. I'm not sure how I'll do it but I'm going to find a way to find the balance between both of my jobs.

8. Spend more time with Sampson

My dearest puppy dog Sam gets lonely. Mom and Dad are so boring! All they do is sit at their dumb computers and use the scary vacuum cleaner. I promise to take my boy on more walks and give him waaaaaay more cuddles.

7. Journal more

In September 2012 I started keeping a journal again. I hadn't written in a journal consistently since probably junior high school. For the first few days I was doing awesome. Then I started to slack a bit. So for 2013 I'd love to be writing in my journal at least once a week if not much more!

6. Watch less TV

I've been known to say that TV is my boyfriend. He's there for me when I get home and he always knows just what to say. He makes me laugh, cry, teaches me how to cook and depending on what I'm watching he can also be quite sexy (I'm looking at you Damon Salvatore). But it's time I take a little break from this relationship. TV, it's not you--its me. I need to spend more time doing productive things. I'll always love you and we will still be friends....

5. Be a better Susie Homemaker

Between standing on my feet all day at the salon, wanting to pop open the laptop immediately and also being addicted to the TV, I like to forget about some important things like cooking and cleaning. Now, I'm not saying I want to turn into the June Cleaver of Indianapolis but I would like to keep on top of the housework a little more. Because of course, when the house is clean my mind is much more at ease anyway. It's a win-win.

4. Blog more

Though I enjoy blogging, sometimes it is a bit tedious. It's hard enough to discipline myself to sit down and do it but I also have to think about what I'm going to say! Sometimes all I have in me is a lazy top ten list ;)

3. Read more

Reading is one of those things I absolutely love to do but I always seem to forget about. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a slave to technology so sometimes when I could pick up a book (even if it's on my Kindle) I pick up my iPhone instead. 2013 will be about stepping away from the cell phone and curling up with my fictional boyfriends.

2. Publish book 2

Fingers crossed that Reckless Radiance will be submittable very soon! Having two titles under my belt will feel amazing. I just can't wait to give my readers something more--and something totally different from The Low Notes.

1. Write more!

In a few years I'd like for writing to be my only job and the only way I'll get there is by working harder than ever before.

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