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Brenda Franklin : The Author Interview

What do I always say? Yay Twitter! Twitter has given me the opportunity to connect with some really cool authors and Brenda Franklin is one of them. As you know, I love me some vampires and Brenda just happens to have books about vampires! See what she had to say and be sure to check out all of her links below.
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Tell us a little about yourself

I was born and raised in Louisiana, where I currently live with my loving family, a few cats, and plenty of wildlife running through the yard from time to time.

I am a fan of the paranormal community and believe in the supernatural having grown up with plenty of my own ghostly tales, which helped to contribute to my free short story, The Lady with Blue Lips on smashwords. I wrote my first horror story when I was in elementary. I think it must have freaked my mother out because the story disappeared shortly after I wrote it. Oh well, I went on discovering the world of vampires and have never looked back. 

Tell us about your series The Pulse Trilogy

The Pulse Trilogy is my Twilight. Haha it’s my story of a human and vampire love, but darker. It’s a journey of love, loss, and betrayal.

My leading characters, Elizabeth Parks (small business owner and woman with the ‘Pulse’ ability) and Virgil Hart (devilishly handsome and annoying vampire) endure the first two books trying to fend off Virgil’s brother from killing Elizabeth. SPOILER: By the end of the second book, Barely Beating, Virgil has accomplished just that, killing William and keeping Elizabeth safe. Of course, with the help of friends and family they can finally have a happily ever after as two-soon to be-vampires. Or can they? I guess we will find out in book three, Flat Line.

The Pulse Trilogy is on the lighter side of things. The other world of the vampires that you don’t see in this series is much darker and if you have followed the books so far, you may wonder what exactly Garrison and Andreal hunt? Or why Garrison is gone a lot? There is a lot more to the world than meets the eye and one day I plan to write a new series to show you just that, but until then I hope you enjoy my Pulse Trilogy as much as I have writing it!

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What draws you to the paranormal genre? And more specifically vampires?

When I was younger, perhaps around the sixth grade range, my father had an old bookshelf in our living room. From top to bottom it was filled with combat related books, old westerns, a stack of magazines (I’m not sure he ever read them), several Dean Koontz (my sister’s favorites), a few Stephen King books, a book called, My Brother John, the Necromancer series by Brian Lumley, and a whole bunch of other things. But the one book I remember most was a book by Anne Rice (Howard Allen Frances O’Brien if you didn’t know). It was Interview with a Vampire. It was this book that introduced me into the world of vampires and I haven’t been the same since.

I think I fell in love with the romanticism behind being a vampire and the dark consequences that come with it. The struggle of drinking blood from humans, the sexual appeal of their perfect structures, and their ability to sustain their life. Of course I was still in the sixth grade and I have read many books since then, turning my writing in more of a lighter version than Anne Rice’s vampires, but I do have her to thank for giving me that push towards loving vampires. I guess I should also be thankful that my dad had a copy. God only knows what I might be writing now if I hadn’t of read that book. 

Who are some of your favorite vampires aside from your own, of course?

Some of my favorite vampires would have to be from the mind of author Lynsay Sand’s--who calls them Immortals. Her explanation, that they were once from Atlantis before the fall, is such a wonderful concept and can best explain why they are immortal, why they heal, why they are essentially what we call ‘vampires’. Not to mention that every one of them are downright sexy. I can’t keep myself away from re reading Vampire, Interrupted or Bite Me if You Can. Delicious!

Is there another genre you would like to try at some point?

I have many ideas always fluttering about my head and when I have finished The Pulse Trilogy book three, Flat Line, and placed the final touches on my 2012 NaNoWriMo book, Guardian, a Fated Pairing, I plan to step in the YA Genre with a new series. It’s going to be a busy year!

Do you have a writing ritual or a certain way you like to get ready to write?

I make playlists. I have to have a background noise of some kind. Not too over powering, but there. It’s like watching a movie. Try watching Twilight, Thor, Iron Man, or any movie without the music. The scenes don’t have the same sort of impact. So to get myself ready for a scene I have playlists ready to get my mind in motion. When my character needs a little pick me or is struggling internally I have been listening to Mumford and Sons. Just an example.

Routine: get up with Shawn in the morning around four, grab coffee, Dr. Pepper, or Cinnamon apple spiced tea, grab a snack, I always tie up my hair, struggle to find my glasses, turn on my music for a few minutes, and begin! 

Do you have a day job? If so, how do you find the balance between day job and your writing career?

I currently do not have a day job, but my sweet husband has filled that part allowing me the freedom to write. I don’t know what I would do without him.

What is your current obsession (absolutely anything)?

Current obsession? That’s such a hard one, so I came up with a short list of things I’m obsessed with at this very moment.

Food: Making lasagna. People: My husband, Shawn Franklin. Games: Borderlands 2 and Harvest Moon, A Knew Beginning. Books: The Love Lines Series by Diana Nixon. Social media: Facebook.

You can find more of Brenda on Facebook, Twitter, her blog, Amazon, Smashwords and her work is available on Amazon and Smashwords (Bonus: two free short stories are up on Smashwords!)

Thanks again for stopping by Brenda!!

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