Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Glimpse : Reckless Radiance

Well here it is! Your first glimpse at what is almost finished and ready to submit, my new paranormal romance Reckless Radiance. Thanks to everyone who helped me reach my goal of 300 Facebook 'likes'. Now on to 400!! If you haven't already please like my author page on Facebook.
After losing her childhood love, Valerie Gilmore runs away from home for a fresh start but feels more alone than before until a mysterious stranger named Russell comes into her life and seems to see beyond her broken heart and into her very soul.

Note: this section has not been professionally edited and is subject to change in the final draft of the novel.

      The ceiling kept her attention and she let her thoughts continue to race. She thought of the moments leading up to the surprise of Russell being alive. She was terrified. Her stomach had been so twisted. She thought of every single day she’d spent with Henry and her stomach began to knot even more. Emotions fluttered inside of her and she let out a sniffle.

       She tried to muffle the sounds of her tears into her pillow. She tried to suppress all of the fear and anxiety that had been building inside of her. Russell shifted and suddenly he was standing next to her bed. She tried not to look up at him towering above her in the dark. Slowly, he pulled a corner of the covers back and climbed in next to her without saying a word. At first he was still, keeping his distance but remaining present. Tears rolled down her cheeks and onto the bed.

       Soon Russell’s hand reached out to smooth over her hair. He tenderly traced her tears away with his fingertip. For a moment it seemed suddenly brighter in the room. Valerie thought the water matting her eyelashes was letting the moonlight sparkle into her eyes. In a quiet moment with her new enigmatic ally, with his warmth near her and his gentle touch upon her face, she felt what she never thought she’d be able to feel on that horrifying day. Peace.

       Her eyes started to grow heavier as calm continued to wash over her. Thankful that sleep was on its way, a smile crept on her face and soon Russell’s fingers were sweeping over her cheek. Again there seemed to be a glimmer of brightness lighting up the room.


       “Yes,” he whispered.

       Her eyes sank shut and her voice came out as a breathy sigh. “What are you?”

       Twilight was upon her, she was on the verge of a dream but she heard his reply. She was sure she heard him clearly before she drifted off.

       “I’m yours.”

Reckless Radiance : Coming Soon!

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