Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good Girl Gone Bad

You know her. She's sweet and innocent and pure as fresh-fallen snow...until something happens. Maybe it's a man, maybe it's a trauma, maybe it's a wild party that finally sets her free but the point is she makes a switch that shocks everyone. The 'good girl' goes 'bad'. Sometimes it's only for a night, sometimes it's just to catch the eye a man. Other times she makes the full switch, leaving behind her girlish ways for that of the vixen. If you can't quite picture it here's some examples....

Sandy trades in her bobby socks for skin-tight leather pants and stiletto heels because she thinks Danny wants her to be more like the Pink Ladies.

"Tell me about it, stud."

Alison Vernon-Williams gets a taste of bad-boy Cry-Baby and realizes she's not a square at heart

Anastasia Steele loses her meek and mild temper when she is thrust into the world of BDSM by Mr. Grey. (You could say the same for a lot of female characters in the ever-popular genre right now. I would choose Bianca Karlsson's good-girl-turned-bad arc as my current favorite in the Up In The Air series)

Even Nina Jordan of The Low Notes let's Halloween turn her into a bit of a minx....

I guess I can't really put my finger on why I like the idea of the GGGB so much but something about it always gets me. I love the transformation. I love seeing a female character gain ultimate control of her life and more importantly her sexuality. The story I'm working on now (not Reckless Radiance, something else) is all about a young woman's sexual and emotional awakening. She isn't really a GGGB but she certainly starts to embrace the bad-girl over the good.

Strong, kick-ass females are probably my favorite kind of character but a close second is the good-girl-gone-bad. Because she learns just ho awesome she is and that she can grab hold of it for herself.

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  1. Always LOVED GGGB girls and stories..maybe I relate...hmmm?