Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday : Excitement

It's been a while since I did a T.T.T. so today I'm giving a quick rundown of all the things I'm excited about and looking forward to right now!

10. Summer
I know it’s half-over but I am still excited about nice weather and BBQ’s and all that summer entails.

9. My writing retreat stay-cation
My husband is headed to California for a week here shortly and I’ve planned to take a few extra days off work while he’s away to hole up in my house and do a little typey typey! Here’s hoping I get a lot done!

8. My TBR list
I have been devouring books lately and every time I look at my ‘to be read’ list I get all giddy thinking about what I’ll be reading next! So many good books and not enough time. 

7. The Ballad
Yes, that is a title to an upcoming novel. There isn’t much written yet in this story but it is all mapped out in my head and although I won’t be sharing much about it until it is further along in progress I am truly excited about this book!

6. Swag
It might sound silly but I get pretty into creating goodies that go along with my books. Bookmarks, postcards, and bumper stickers are on the way!

5. Reckless Radiance’s launch party
I haven’t started planning this just yet but I’m really pumped to have a big bash this time around for my paperback release!

4. Hubby’s Graduation
My husband will be graduating in September after three years at The Art Institute of Indianapolis and I cannot wait to see what comes next for him!

3. Natural Harmony
The novel I’m working on now has all but consumed my thoughts lately and as I get closer to finishing it I’m getting more and more excited to share it with people!

2.  New Adult Sleepover Weekend Event
December will be here in the blink of an eye and I will be on my way to Georgia for my first out of state event! I can’t wait to meet readers and some very cool fellow New Adult authors.

1. Reckless Radiance
My second novel will be out in 70 days!!! I can’t believe I’m going to be an author all over again and I’m really excited to share another side of myself as a writer. Reckless Radiance is so very different from The Low Notes but I’m glad everyone will be meeting Russell and Valerie soon.

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