Friday, July 12, 2013

Writing Up a Storm, Creating Universes

When I decided I was going to try and have The Low Notes published, the manuscript was already written start to finish. I cranked that book out in about nine months because I literally couldn't stop writing it. Now, it needed A LOT of work by 2011 but all in all it didn’t take much to turn what I'd finished in 2009 into the book that is out today. The story with Reckless Radiance is similar. I’d written one draft in 2008 and another around 2010 and finally pieced it all together last year, finishing it up and doing my final draft this March. It’s been a long time since I started and finished a draft consecutively. Until Natural Harmony.

In a matter of four months I’ve written over 55,000 words of my third novel. It pours from my heart onto the page. I can’t get enough of my characters and the setting, the plot and the romance. I think about this book constantly and to me that’s proof that I’m in love with it. I still have more of the story to draft but I get closer to the end every day and I can see 'The End' in sight. 

The best part about this book is the world it has created in my head. Natural Harmony is going to be the start of the Confession Records universe. With each subsequent book, readers will meet new characters connected to each other in very small ways. They won’t be sequels but they will be companions to one another. I’m so excited about sharing this first book and all of the others I have lined up. In total, as it stands right now, I have four books that will be a part of this series!

Stay tuned for more news on Natural Harmony and be sure to send me the good vibes for many more words!

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