Friday, December 13, 2013

New Adult Sleepover Weekend 2013

What a trip! For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know that all did not go according to plan but I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you all about my first MAJOR author event.

Friday afternoon I got into beautiful Savannah, GA and hit the ground running. I set up my table for the Saturday signing, starting meeting people (including my lovely roommate, Stephanie Lawton!) and got ready for the welcome event.

me and my roomie, Stephanie Lawton, being silly!
table favors at the welcome event and Dawn Pendleton's face in a wine glass

Stephanie and I offered up dinner and a Savannah ghost tour to one attendee and a friend and it turned out to be one of the most memorable parts. But I'll get there....

Magan Vernon autographing Dawn Pendleton's chest like a rock star

The drinks started flowing at the release party, where a few authors with new books celebrated their launch. A group of us decided we should hit the town and really start the party. Let's just say, things and people got twerked, blisters were formed on feet and booze flowed most of the night. Dawn Pendleton, Magan Vernon, Stephanie, Adrienne James, t.h. snyder, Misha Elliot, Sage Young, Amy Evans, Marissa Carmel, Jaycee Delorenzo and myself had ourselves one HELL of a time at Wet Willy's and Wild Wings and on the streets of Savannah Friday night.  I mean, no open container law?! Come on.

selfie with Casey Peeler
selfie with Misha Elliot

the gals and a particularly hunky waiter

The hangover hit just in time for the big day. Luckily I didn't have to be anywhere until the 12pm signing. We grabbed some lunch and then it was time to meet the readers! I sold a good about of copies of The Low Notes and Reckless Radiance and ended up meeting some awesome people. There were two ladies in particular that made a lasting impression on me. Bianca from Biblio Belles Blog and Melannie from Wine Relaxion & My Kindle were so nice and so cool, they will be my pals forever!

  After the signing I spoke on a panel about Book Boyfriends with Carey Heywood, Amy Evans, and Jennifer Snyder. It was nice to hear what we all consider to be the ideal book boyfriend and how as authors we each try to make the man we all want to fall for.
some of beautiful Savannah before it started pouring

Then it was time for dinner at the Pirate's House (soooo southern and yummy) and our walking ghost tour! By the second house on the tour it had started to pour down rain but we were already so far from the car it didn't make much since to trek back without getting the rest of the stories. I think I took the rain in stride a little better than some of my author buds. Stephanie, Amy, Natasha Boyd, Julie, Brenda and I looked like drowned rats by the end of the creepy tour! I loved hearing the Savannah spooky history despite the makeup running down my face.
Thanks, ghost tour.

I quickly blow dried my hair and put on my PJs for...the Pajama Karaoke party of course! The cheesy songs were belted out by lots of authors (I even joined in on some Dixie Chicks after a margarita or two) and the laughs didn't stop. 

The girls rockin' it
some of my loves :)   (OMG it's Natasha Boyd!!!)

Me, Dawn, Sarra Cannon and my badass editor Kristina Circelli getting our mustache on.

Sunday it was time to say goodbye and one lucky winner got the gift basket I made (proceeds went to a local animal rescue!). I was able to have brunch with a friend who recently moved to Savannah and then I made my way to the airport ...
Natural Harmony ARC, coffee, keychain, popcorn, Starbucks gift card, candle, tea infuser, chapstick, Wexley Falls mug and Penny's Pie Diner mug!

All was fine, better than fine even, when I ran into Magan Vernon, Stacey Benefiel, Carey Heywood and her husband Seth. We waited for their flights together and were able to chat about all the fun we had over the weekend. 

Stacey Benefiel, Carey Heywood, Magan Vernon and me

Then I waited. And waited. And waited. My flight to DC was supposed to leave at 2:10. After boarding the plane once and being told to get back off after about 25 mins, the flight didn't end up leaving Savannah until a little after 8. Lucky for me though, my orginal seatmate had bailed and while waiting around I'd run into S.M. Boyce for a lovely lengthy chat in the airport! She sat next to me on the flight and even was so kind as to hold my hand when things got too bumpy for my liking. 

before turbulence

DC was freezing-rain city when we landed and it only took about 10 mins at the gate before the cancelled my flight to Indianapolis. Here's where it got really bad. I'll give you the short and sweet of it. Don't worry, I'm home now and it's all good so no need to feel bad for me ha!

  • 10:15pm Indy flight cancelled
  • stood in line at ticket gate to rebook a flight while husband made hotel reservations from Indy
  • 11:30 ticket counter closes before I can book a flight
  • stood in line to collect my luggage
  • 12:30am waiting for shuttle to the hotel
  • 12:45 informed that the shuttle has stopped running for the night
  • stood in line for a cab in a t-shirt and jeans in freezing rain, wrapped in an airplane blanket
    cab line
  • 2:15 arrive at hotel and call to rebook a flight. Am told I can get on a flight the following day at 9:45 PM
  • Monday 2:00pm arrive back at the airport
  • 2:30pm start worrying that weather will prevent me from getting on the 9:45
  • 3:30 plan is set in motion to rescue me from airport hell, Sister from PA drives to DC to get me, husband in IN drives to PA.
  • 12:30am arrive in PA
  • Tuesday 7:00pm arrive in Indiana!!!! 48 hours behind schedule I made it home from the craziest trip EVER.

Other than the last leg, I had a wonderful time. I made friendships to last a lifetime and have memories to bring me smiles whenever I'm down. I've realized after this that my fellow authors are the sorority sister I never had.  I have 4 events in 2014 and if they are half as fun as NASW then I will be having an amazing year!

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