Sunday, December 29, 2013

Natural Harmony

I wish I could put into words what this journey has been like. I'm going to try, at least. 

If someone would've told me three years ago that by 27 I'd have three novels under my belt, I would've laughed in their face. Writing has always been a passion for me -- an escape from reality and a love for which I meditate on. I only dreamed of having my name on the spine of a book and I wished for the kind of amazing things people have said to me over the last year and a half about my work. 

With the arrival of my third novel I know there is so much ahead of me, so many more words and experiences. The amount of love and support that I feel from family, friends, readers and fellow authors on a daily basis in regards to my new career is astronomical and humbling. 

Natural Harmony was such a unique writing experience. I wrote it quickly and fiercely as though the story moved through me rather than from me. Something about it was different but I can't put my finger on it. I love this book in a different way than my others. Maybe it was the fact that I took complete control of this one (much like my heroine). Maybe it was the fact that it was the first book to be written start to finish after my career had already begun. Either way, this one is a different kind of baby. 

I have high hopes for this book but no matter what happens I will always be proud of it. Proud of the story, the characters, the manuscript, the cover, the fact that I coordinated the whole thing and hit the big publish button all by myself. 

I hope you enjoy it. I hope you fall in love with Wade. I hope you want to be Sabrina as much as I do. I hope you don't write Beau completely off. And I hope you never stop reading, no matter what you pick up. Just keep reading.

Natural Harmony is now available!

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