Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Review : The Rock Star's Daughter

To those who know me it’s no secret that I am a sucker for a good YA novel, and better yet, a YA series. Hello Sweet Valley, Twilight, Hunger Games and the little known Making Out Series. Lucky for me I was recently recommended The Rock Star's Daughter. The lovely first novel of Caitlyn Duffy and first in the Treadwell Academy series.

When Taylor isn't away at her New England prep school she is home in Los Angeles with her wreck of a mother who is constantly boozing it up and partying the night away. Taylor essentially parents herself in the emotional and supportive absence of her mom until the day her mother dies abruptly.

Having only met her famous musician father a handful of times, Taylor's world is turned on it's head as she is sent to live the summer on tour with him, his vegan fashionista wife and their five year old daughter.

From meeting boys to breaking the rules and trying her best to figure out just who she really is, it's a true coming of age story that includes all the best and worst parts of being a teen girl.

I was so enthralled with this story I only wish it would’ve been around when I was in high school. Caitlyn Duffy’s writing is fresh, her characters are relatable and the world of the band Pound is exciting and pretty irresistible. A great, fun read for young adult and wishing-they-were-young adult readers! Duffy is definitely one to watch, can't wait to read more great work from her.

Pick up The Rock Star's Daughter by Caitlyn Duffy here

Book 2 in the Treadwell Academy Series is already out and I can hardly wait to start! Get The Believer's Daughter by Caitlyn Duffy here

Check back here tomorrow to read my personal interview with the author!

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