Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guest Author : Elicia M. Seawell - Writing Towards Friendship

Words flow so easily sometimes for me. I could sit down and write 5, 10, 20,000 words a week and though that may seem like a lot of work, it is getting easier to do so. I’ve found ways to work around writer’s block by breaking up the monotonous feeling you get when working on a project. However, there are those times when you wonder how on earth you can get past that brick wall standing 200 feet tall in front of you and stretches for miles.

Then something miraculous happens. You meet a fellow writer who has gone through the same thing and they offer advice. Before you realize it, you’ve not only made a friend, but a partner in crime that can give you the truth that you can handle. I have four amazing writer friends that do just that.

In the early part of 2009 I came across a dear friend, we’ll call her JP, who held the same kind of obsession with Twilight as I did. She introduced me to the world of TwiFic and since then, my life has never been the same. Then I found my friend CB who came to find out was not only someone I knew from my high school years but her husband and I went to school together. She eventually became my beta and then the editor of all my works. Then came KM and TLFF. Before I knew what was taking place I had four friends, all writers who wrote with a passion and loved it for what it was, a craft.

In the past three years I’ve met some of the most amazing people who love writing just as much as I do. They offer advice, friendship, virtual hugs when they can’t be there for real and are my cheering section. Life does get in the way sometimes and even though it’s hard to keep up with these ladies and their lives, I know that they are still there, cheering me on.

Recently I was signed for a short story coming out in May entitled A Charleston Love Story. It’s publishing through Rebel Ink Press’ Memorial Day Anthology and in the process I met Kate. She befriended me on Twitter and we’ve become amazing writing buddies and friends. I’ve never felt so appreciated for wanting this job of “author” so bad in my life, and Kate shared that sentiment exactly.

In a world where everyone fends for themselves and “it’s all about me,” I’d have to say that in the publishing world, especially the smaller publishing houses and indie publishers, there is a lot of love to be shared. I see it every single day on my Twitter feed as others are retweeting each other’s books to help a fellow author out. That right there makes it worth the work when you know that people are looking out for you and will help you.

My biggest wish for everyone who works hard to write and promote their work is all the success in the world. Most importantly though, I wish them friendship and happiness.

Many thanks to Elicia for being my very first guest blogger! Rebel Ink Press will be releasing her short story this May and you can find out about her previously published works on her blog.

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