Monday, May 14, 2012

The Happiest of Birthdays

I started 25 with the biggest birthday party of my life! My dearest friends and family members all came out dressed to impress for my Prom. We danced the night away and I rang in my 25th birthday with a lot of love around me.
Me and my prom king, Adam

Now it's a year later and I feel that same amount of love as I celebrate not only my birthday this week but also the lifelong dream of becoming a published author. In just three days I'll be getting the greatest birthday present ever, my name on a book for the world to read!

Best. Present. Ever.
This past year took me on so many adventures. I started with a fantastic birthday bash and the fun never stopped. I went to a handful of amazing concerts and even traveled to London! Ending my 25th year just days before the release of my first novel is simply perfect.

Thank you to everyone who made this last year (and all of my 26 years) so wonderful. Here's to one hell of a week and hopefully the most exciting year so far!

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