Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday : The Low Notes Fun Facts

10. There were about 4 different versions of chapter one.

9. The senior concert was originally a 1960s theme and Nina’s song was “All I See Is You” by Dusty Springfield.

8. In the first version of the manuscript Nina’s mother was present.

7. I wrote almost the entire first full draft in a hair salon.

6. When I was in high school I started writing one version where Kevin had a girlfriend in the beginning. He and Nina met at a movie theater.

5. Chapter one originally started from blind date Lynn’s point of view

4. The layout of Wexley Falls High School is nearly identical to my own high school.

3. Another attempt had me writing it as a screenplay! I even story boarded a first scene.

2. Before editing for publication the manuscript had lyrics to seven different songs in it!

1. There might be a sequel in the works with a minor character taking on a lead role...

And those are just the top ten things you didn't know :) Imagine what else I could be hiding! If you haven't purchased your copy of The Low Notes yet you can get it on Amazon, Barnes&Noble.com, Bookstrand, and ARe.

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