Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

What is it about forbidden love that is so entertaining? We as readers and movie-goers seem to always be rooting for the star-crossed lovers. Why do we feel like these stories are somehow more romantic than the average run of the mill love story?

My husband and I met at work. There was no drama, or battle to be won. We just fell in love and it all worked out. That’s not to say that our story isn’t romantic but it probably wouldn’t make a best seller or a blockbuster.
She's engaged but we all wasn't over. It still isn't over.
I went to see the re release of Titanic in 3D IMAX (It was phenomenal on that big of a screen just so you know). When I left the theater I was on a romance high all because of the story of Jack and Rose. It got me thinking realistically about a love like that. Quite honestly if I had to endure all of that tension and drama, the interference of outside forces meddling in my relationship I’m not sure I would find it all that romantic. I think I might wind up bitter. Of course a happier ending than watching my frozen boyfriend sink to the bottom of the ocean might make me less bitter. But still.
You jump, I jump.

The notion of love overcoming any circumstance is beautiful and it’s what we all wish the world were really like. So often, love and relationships can barely overcome bad financial decisions let alone something as pressing as say, an age-old family feud.
Oh hello again Leo!

Wanting what you can’t have can be dangerous but the temptation and the power of love can control you. As we’ve read over the years, seen on screen and for some of you, maybe even lived a forbidden romance, we know that it can end up one of two ways. Happily ever after…or not.
Either way, two characters fighting for love no matter the cost makes a great story. The real happy ending is ours. It's the satisfaction we get from reading these tales or seeing these films. We get the giddy love high and the tumultuous feelings but none of the repercussions or fallout.

You can read my take on forbidden love in The Low Notes, coming out May 17th!

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