Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Tour : A Review of Between These Lines by Jennifer Murgia

Let me start by saying I am so thrilled to be a part of this blog tour in celebration of Jennifer Murgia's newest release, Between These Lines, from Playlist Fiction! Jennifer is a fantastic author and her talent in young adult fiction is one you should take note of. Check out my personal review of the book below....

When a class assignment brings quiet Chase Mitman and the stunning Evie Cunningham together, a mutual attraction ignites. There’s only one problem—Evie already has a boyfriend—one who practically OWNS Whitley Prep, and her.

Knowing their relationship comes at a price, Chase’s life collides with Evie’s, and after entrusting her with a tragic secret, the last thing he’d ever expect is to learn she keeps a few of her own.

An innocent prank turns ugly. An anonymous note changes everything. And lives at Whitley Prep will never be the same.

Chase is the quiet guy holding it all in and walking the halls of Whitley Prep feeling alone and invisible. His tragic past as well as his intellect keep him in the shadows of arrogant school-rulers like Shane. But Chase has his eye on Evie. The sweet but popular beauty who just happens to also be Shane's girlfriend. Chase's lucky day arrives when a teacher pairs him with Evie and her best friend Tara for a project. But little does he know...Evie's had her eye on him too.

Still new to Whitley Prep, Evie seems to have a charmed life on the outside. But behind her shy smile she's dealing with Shane, the controlling boyfriend who has recently been showing her just how dark his true colors are. Chase is the opposite of Shane and the idea of having the noble, caring guy at her side is all Evie can think about as their interactions become more frequent and they realize all they share in common.

When social standing no longer holds meaning and you aren't afraid of the scary things in each others past, what can keep two people apart?

Between These Lines was a complete roller coaster of emotions. A bittersweet love story told from both sides, this book delves into heavy topics and doesn't shy away from the dark and gritty. Evie and Chase's connection was believable and progressed in the natural way you would expect given the extended storyline. Every plot point had purpose and was dealt with carefully, from Evie's parents' crumbling marriage to Chase's ultimate revelation.

A fast read but full of deep conflict, this book would easily be enjoyed by a teen or adult reader. Murgia does a fantastic job of keeping you connected to the young lovers and rooting for love to conquer the halls of Whitley Prep School. With picturesque scenery from the movie Cruel Intentions flashing in my head I zoomed through to the ending that I was completely shocked by and was left feeling yet another stomach-dropping-wind-in-the-hair loop from the emotional roller coaster that was Between These Lines.

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  1. Thank you, Kate! I love how you've summed this up:) the ending STILL makes my heart sink and it's my own book!

  2. Great work, Jennifer! Happy to host you any time!