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Praise for The Low Notes

Happy Birthday The Low Notes!!

It's been a year since the book release from Rebel Ink Press and I've had a wonderful response from my readers. Below are some of my favorite reviews that The Low Notes has received over the last year!

"So I'm probably too old to be reading books about high school students and their teacher, but as soon as I started The Low Notes, I was hooked. I'm a sucker for romance novels. I thought the writing was honest, raw, and it evoked a great deal of emotional pain. As a prior piano player, and someone who relates to life through music, this book really drew me in. I think that Nina and Kevin's story was painfully beautiful." –Justine via Amazon

"I have to admit- this is my first novel in this genre. Honestly, it changed my perception of romance novels. The characters seemed so real and dynamic to me, and Roth's word choice throughout the novel was flawless. I kept feeling very connected and invested, and I wasn't sure why for awhile. But as I finished, I knew it was the writing style. Kate is great at showing you the action, which sweeps you in and allows you to get into the story." –Josh Zimmerman of

"One of my favorite stories in 2012. I'm all about forbidden fruit stories, but this one has so much heart and soul, that you can't hope for the best for the two characters. As I read further on, I found myself falling for Kevin just as much as Nina did. He's a good guy. Conflicted at times, as is Nina. She's on her own while her father is off on his next conquest. A sister who rarely pays any attention to her. A gay best friend who tries to help her navigate the stormy seas.
This is a quiet story that builds to a blaring crescendo you are panting, breathless and just about to rip the hair from your head. Kate Roth gets into both of their heads and not an easy task to do. Her prose is beautiful and lovely. Her characters have just the right amount of conflict. A beautiful story that at times almost had me in tears. Similar stories could come across as crass. I rarely give books a rating of five, but this one just grabbed at me in a way that others haven't." –Laura McCarthy of

"I loved this book! It was a beautifully written forbidden love story, not just the usual boy meets girl story. The character development is brilliant, the reader can relate to Nina and totally understand why she would be attracted to an older, more mature man. I couldn't wait to see what happened next and how it all ended--definitely a "can't put down" kind of story!"–Rasjohnson via Amazon

"The story of Nina and Kevin is a must read for anyone who loves a juicy forbidden love. Kate Roth is a fresh new voice on the literary scene and I know we are going to be hearing a lot from her in the near future!" – Julie Young, author of A Belief in Providence: A Life of Saint Theodora Guerin, Images of America : Historic Irvington, CYO in Indianapolis and Central Indiana, A Brief History of Shelby County, Indiana and Eastside Indianapolis: A Brief History.

"This was a really engrossing spin on student/teacher relationships. It was so romantic that I felt a little conflicted reading it because naturally it's against the law for teachers to engage in romantic relationships with students! But Nina is a very likable, admirable main character. It's very easy as a reader to believe that a 17-year-old girl who has been left to take care of herself would seek out a mature relationship with a man not too much older than her who seems very eager to emotionally invest in someone. Kevin, her teacher/love interest, is similarly likable and credible as he struggles with the loss of his father and upheaval of his life, finding himself unexpectedly and uncontrollably drawn to a captivating young woman who just happens to be in his English class. The supporting characters of Kevin's cousin (another teacher at the local high school) and her husband, and Nina's gay best friend, add even more credibility to this very realistic love story.
  Kate Roth leaves no emotional stone unturned in this enjoyable, sexy read with an ending that will surprise you! I am very excited to read more by Kate Roth in the future."Caitlyn Duffy, author of The Rock Star’s Daughter, The Believer’s Daughter, and The Viscount’s Daughter.

"I absolutely loved this book! The chemistry between the main characters Kevin & Nina is electric. And who doesn't love forbidden romance? The main characters meet and have an instant connection only to find out that Kevin is her teacher. They struggle to stay away from each other, to keep others from finding out, and they deal with realistic personal problems too. Kate Roth spins an enthralling story. I can't wait to read more from her!" – Britni Hill, author of Tears in the Rubble and From the Rubble

"I just loved this story. A difficult subject matter was handled with class and I really empathised with the characters situations. A wonderful love story but not your standard tale of boy meets girl."Lisa J. Hobman, author of Bridge Over The Atlantic

"I liked this book because it wasn't a sappy everything will be fine book, yes don't get me wrong they had their happy ending, but I like how Kate Roth dealt with the reality of the situation Kevin and Nina were in. But it was beautifully written and funny. I adored the characters and as usual, as I do all the time with a good ending of two characters destined to be with each other for good—Kevin and Nina forever." – Myrnin’s Girl via Goodreads

"One of the sweetest romances I have ever read. A story so beautifully written. A man and a woman unable to contain the love they have for each other. The absolute pain of the forced separation. A trick of destiny submitting them to constant torture but nonetheless bringing them together. Nina and Kevin. A love so heartfelt stripped of annoying situations usually encountered elsewhere. Her voice brought them together. And her voice reunited them once more. Beautiful." – Marina via Goodreads

"Wow. That hit me harder than I expected. I was a little uncomfortable at the beginning of the story - I've read a few of the teacher/student love stories - but none of them had this kind of age gap and it took me a while to work past it. That said, I think it actually added a lot to the story. It allowed me to feel just a little bit of the strain that Kevin and Nina felt. I loved Nina. Without a doubt she was far more mature than her years. Half the time I felt like she was handling everything with more grace than Kevin. That said, Roth did a good job with making you understand why Kevin might be behind the times as far as his love life was concerned. I loved that Kevin and Nina were so real. There were no clich├ęd or recycled characters here - and I felt like I really knew them by the time the book closed. Their story was heart wrenching- without any manufactured drama, or extended and frustrating waffling. It was all very organic. I really really enjoyed it from start to if finish."Vikki via Goodreads

"I though this book was not only well written, but it captured the emotions from both the protagonist and the male lead perfectly. I loved the raw feelings in this. The whole teacher/student affair thing is becoming pretty common, yet this hit the mark. The interactions, the love, the sexual tension - it was all there and it made this a wonderful book! Worth the money!" – Anah via Goodreads

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble of your own review site. Reviews are an invaluable gift to authors and I appreciate every single one! If you have not reviewed The Low Notes yet, please take a moment to do so.

This week I'm on a blog tour for the anniversary of The Low Notes! Check me out over at Boekie's Book Reviews today and stop back here tomorrow for more celebration and the links to my next stop!

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