Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thank You, Thank You!

What an incredible week?! I still cannot believe it's been a year since I officially became an author. This week has been so much fun looking back at the year and looking ahead to another release.

Thank you to everyone who graciously hosted me this week on my anniversary tour! You are all amazing people!

Special thanks to:

Boekie's Book Reviews

Author Lisa J. Hobman

Smardy Pants Book Blog

Author Melissa Keir

Author Lila Munro

Author Jennifer Wilck

Becca The Bibliophile

Author Britni Hill

Author Jane Wakely

Author Joanne C. Berroa

Author Josh Zimmerman

The Boyfriend Bookmark

The Low Notes is still on sale in e-book form for .99 cents on Amazon just until the end of today. Share this information with your friends who have yet to get a copy.

And again thanks to my readers, fans, fellow authors, publishers, bloggers, friends, family and supporters for a great week and a wonderful year for me and The Low Notes!

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