Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pants On Fire

I'm pretty sure I've said it in more than one interview. I've said it to my clients in my salon. I've said it to friends and family. I specifically remember saying it to my husband's aunt not too long ago. 

"I can't see myself writing erotic romance or anything with explicit sex and graphic words."


The truth is I've written erotica, erotic romance and some very explicit, very graphic sex scenes. The fact of the matter is I enjoy writing those kinds of stories just as much as I enjoy writing sweet romances, mild heat romances and new adult/young adult.

So why am I telling you this? Why have I lied to you?

I haven't worked on anything spicy in a long time and though there are a handful of started works in progress collecting dust on my computer, I figured it would be a long time before I left behind the 8 other ideas I have lined up to work on them. In the case of those few erotic romance ideas I'd been telling myself the same lie I've told you. I can't see myself writing erotic romance...because that's what pen names are for.

I've always had this pen name in my back pocket and I always figured I would use it for another genre like erotic romance. I like the name, I want to use it someday but like I said these stories are on the back burner. Waaaaay back. 

Until three days ago.

An idea sparked in me that got me so excited I had to get some of it down on the page despite my general rule of only working on one story at a time. Natural Harmony is mere pages away from being complete and then suddenly this idea sprang forth and took my eyes away from it. (Don't worry I'm not leaving it's on deadline anyway). So I start writing and I know it's going to be graphic. I want it to be graphic. And then panic set in. I don't want a fake name on this book (and it's potential sequels). I want my name on this book. 

What will my readers think? What will my family think? What will my clients think? Does any of that matter so long as I am proud of my work?

It doesn't matter. That's the conclusion I've come to. I've been growing a reader base for the last year and a half and I can't waste time trying to build a reader base for Fake Name McGee. I'm going to write this spicy, sexy, graphic, filled-with-curse-words, hot-and-bothered, don't-let-your-grandmother-know-you-one-clicked-it novel and it's going to be written by Kate Roth.

Not only is this a confession and possibly a warning, it's also an invitation. An invitation to try something new if you haven't already read something that might make you sweat. I'm extremely excited about this new project but I can't really tell you anything else (what it's about, when it will be released, how it will be released).For now I'm just keeping my creativity sparked and open for the wind to blow me in whatever direction it may. 

I've always been a Jackie of all trades, what with my multitude of jobs, hobbies and now genres of romance. 

Keep reading, people. Things are about to get hot!

Oh yeah, and thanks. Thanks for understanding, thanks for reading, thanks in advance for...well, everything.


  1. love, love, LOVE the book description:
    spicy, sexy, graphic, filled-with-curse-words, hot-and-bothered, don't-let-your-grandmother-know-you-one-clicked-it novel


  2. HAHA! I can assure you it will be EXACTLY that ;)

  3. Glad you're stretching your wings. I love it when things get hot! And guess what? Grandmothers like hot books too.