Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Whenever I talk about Reckless Radiance I say it's paranormal but it's not overly paranormal. I want to say it's paranormalish but is that weird? It's not that I don't like that it's a paranormal book but it's first and foremost a romance book. 

The story is about Valerie, her loss of her childhood love, her toxic relationship with bad guy Henry and her evolving relationship with mysterious Russell. It's about her learning to deal with her pain and figuring out things about her life that she never knew, including how Russell has played a role in her story longer than she's realized. 

It's ultimately a love story between Valerie and Russell and Russell just happens to be a paranormal being. 

I think the book will appeal to paranormal fans but it will be an easy read for those who wouldn't normally pick up a paranormal title. I'm hoping that fans of The Low Notes will see the parallels in theme. It's still about following your heart and forgetting the rules.

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