Friday, September 6, 2013

What I've Been Reading...

Haven't done this in a while so I thought I'd share some books I've had the pleasure of reading recently. They are almost all romance and I really enjoyed all of them!

Teacher/student romance!!! This musically themed forbidden love story kept popping up under The Low Notes' 'you might like this book' suggestions on Amazon and after starting a Facebook friendship with author Stephanie Lawton I wanted to check it out. This book was intense! Though the romance is more on the YA spectrum as far as heat goes, the family drama dynamic was shocking and at times unnerving. I really enjoyed seeing the transformation in Juli from start to finish. It was very realistically played out and Stephanie Lawton's writing is superb. I haven't yet started Need, the follow-up from Isaac's POV but I'm looking forward to it and Lawton's unrelated upcoming novel, Shelf Life.

Oh River Wilde, River Wilde, River Wilde! This musical romance had me "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing over the sexy rock star. The instant connection between River and Dahlia is done very well but as the story progresses you learn all about the little ways their lives are connected. The follow up, Torn, is coming in October and I am DYING to read it after the way this book ended. Talk about a twist!

Technically I listened to this one on audiobook but only because the way David Sedaris reads his own work only makes it funnier. This collection of essays was chosen as the August book for my book club and it was hilarious. Sedaris has such a funny way of telling stories we can all relate to in the most ridiculous ways. His other books have been just as funny and I would recommend them to anyone. My husband and I listen to the audiobook of Holidays on Ice every year in December.

These books. I wish I had the words for how crazy I've been about these books. I'm still in the middle of Pulse but it is proving to be just as awesome as Collide (which usually doesn't happen for me with follow-ups). Gavin Blake is one shmexy mother-f'er and even though I've wanted to strangle her about a million times since page one of Collide, Emily Cooper is a very well-written heroine. If you want some HEAT, get these books immediately!

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