Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Low Notes : The Movie

In my dreams I attend the red carpet premiere for The Low Notes movie. Hell, I'd settle for Lifetime or ABC Family originals! The film adaptation of my first novel most likely will never happen but that doesn't mean we can't play hypothetical casting director. Here's a few suggestions from readers and my opinions followed by my ideal choices for Kevin and Nina.

Reader A.O.'s choices 

Kevin (Zac Efron)
Best known for the High School Musical films

Nina (Lucy Hale)
Star of the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars

Author's Opinion : Both are clearly good looking and great actors. But.... Zac Efron is just 25 and he looks about 19 so to me he is too young to play Kevin. He's missing the brown eyes as well and I think he's a little short. Everything but the age can be adjusted in a movie of course but for me he's not Kevin. I love Lucy Hale for Nina (she's got the look, the age AND she can sing!) except for the fact that on her show Pretty Little Liars she has a teacher/student relationship and I wouldn't want that to cloud the viewers minds.

Reader A. N.'s choices

Kevin (Ian Somerhalder)
Hot vampire and hot LOST cast member

Nina (Nina Dobrev)
Two vampire brothers love her, duh.

Author's Opinion: Let me preface all of this by saying I LOVE The Vampire Diaries and think both of these actors are fantastic on that show. That being said Ian Somerhalder is way too brooding to be Kevin and again he has light eyes. Nina Dobrev doesn't look enough like Nina Jordan for me. The other aspects of why I'm not a fan of this pairing for my movie include the fact that they already star on a TV show together and they date in real life. I wouldn't want to be a part of a Robsten type drama!!

Reader M.C.'s choices

Kevin (Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid)

Nina (the reader)

Author's Opinion: I nearly died when I heard this reader (my sister-in-law) tell me she pictured the Disney prince as Kevin the entire time she read the book! Honestly the only thing he is missing is the brown eyes. He's got the sexy, sweet thing going on. I approve! Prince Eric might very well have been my first crush so who's to say whether or not he added to my character development a little? As for Nina I totally get this choice! Sometimes when you're reading a book that you love or identify with it's hard to not think of yourself as the main character. Clearly neither of these choices would really work in a film version but I can respect these suggestions.

Author's Choices

Kevin (Rick Malambri)
Star of Step Up 3-D (yeah, I said it!)
Another pic, a little more real.

Nina (Jessica Lowndes)
Star of 90210

Found this picture ages ago and this is how I always envisioned Nina

Kevin has always been the hardest for me to think of when it comes to casting but a few months ago I settled on Rick Malambri in my mind. He's the closest to Kevin I could think of. Jessica Lowndes has always been choice number one for me for Nina. Though she's getting a little older now (I picked her back when I was writing in 2008) I still think of her as my film Nina.

I hope you liked playing pretend movie maker with me today! Sigh, someday I'll get my movie...someday.


  1. Why couldnt Taye Diggs be Kevin...a little rique yes...but he does have gorgeous brown eyes. And what about mandy moore for Nina?? She could still pull off the whole high school girl I think. And she has done the dark hair thing before and killed it!!