Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Review : Tears in the Rubble

I'm continuing the celebration this week for Britni Hill's release of Tears in the Rubble. I had the chance to read the book and I'm happy to give my review today!

After losing touch for a few formative years, childhood friends Layla and Taylor reconnect one night towards the end of high school. The seemingly innocent meeting leads them to rekindle not only a friendship they didn't realize they had been missing, but it also fuels a budding romance.

Layla is the type of girl who has it all planned out. She's determined to get out of her small town and make a life for herself elsewhere. But things with Taylor have love edging it's way into her thoughts. Should she give up her dream she's had for what seems like forever for the possibility that she and Taylor could be her new forever? Or should she leave behind everything the small town has to offer, including the boy she's in love with?

How will her choice change the future for the two of them and when will Taylor have a say?

This book is engaging and strikes a very realistic chord. It will remind you of those first love feelings and the everlasting love feelings too. I predict you'll fall in love with Taylor as I did. And you might just fall in love with Britni Hill as an author. I love this story not only because I have seen it come from it's infancy all the way to the amazing work that it is today but also because it's about something a lot of us have been through. It's about the mistakes we make along the way and the people who wind up being there regardless. It also makes you question whether or not to trust the idea of the 'best laid plans'.

Be sure to get your ebook copy of Tears in the Rubble here, here, here or here! Now available in paperback through Amazon as well! Check out Britni's blog and her Facebook page for news and updates.

Congratulations again to Britni on her debut novel, I look forward to seeing more from her :)

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