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Britni Hill : The Author Interview

It feels as though I've known Britni Hill my entire life but it was actually 2006 when we first met. We were in cosmetology school together and a conversation about Aerosmith was all we needed to spark a friendship. I've never had a friend that I've had so much in common with and got along with so well despite that. We often joke that we share a brain. Maybe we don't exactly share thoughts but we certainly share similar dreams and it's been so wonderful to have a partner and friend on the journey towards being published. Before either of us set out to be published we were constantly sharing our writing with one another and encouraging each other to grow as writers. It's been a blessing that I can't even describe. She is an amazing person and a wonderful author. I'm so proud to say she is not only my colleague but my friend.

It's six years later and I am celebrating Britni Hill this week and the release of her first novel Tears in the Rubble from Rebel Ink Press! See what she has to say in this interview.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m going to be 30 soon…scary.  I grew up in Indiana in the country even though I’m by no means a country girl.  I’ve been a hair stylist for the last 7 years and I absolutely love it.  I can’t imagine doing anything else.  Well, except writing.  I live with my boyfriend, and can’t wait to buy a house and move out of our too small apartment.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember.  I guess I would have to say it’s been pretty consistent since 5th or 6th grade.  I know I was always making up stories before then but I actually remember sitting down and writing then.  I’d climb into somewhere hidden outside with my Mickey Mouse pad of paper and write poems.  I did stop for a while, life can get hectic, but I’m back.

What/ who inspires you?

Life inspires me.  Everything around me gives me ideas and helps to shape my stories.  Movies, music, art, the sun…everything around me.  My friends and my family play a big part.  My best friend and boyfriend are my biggest supporters and they shape how I feel about things every day.  What can I say I’m like a sponge I soak up everything around me.

What is your creative process?

Process.  Hmmm….I don’t know that there’s much of a process.  This is a part of my life where I tend to be pretty random.  I usually don’t ever set out to start a new story.  I end up with characters talking to me or I will see a scene so vividly that I just have to write it out.  After that my characters usually take over.

What do you struggle with as a writer?

I like to over punctuate in the wrong places for one.  I also tend to see the things I’m writing so when I go back through and read then I have all this extra wording that I don’t need.  Blurbs are not my thing at all; they are like torture for me.  But I have to say coming up with a title for Tears in the Rubble was the hardest thing in that process.  

How do you balance writing with your day-to-day career?

There will always be time for writing in my life.  I try to set aside time to sit down every day.  Sometimes that doesn’t always work out, but I’m lucky I work decent hours.  And I have a very understanding boyfriend that loves to play video games.

How do you prepare to write? What do you do to get in the right frame of mind?

I get my favorite soft, purple blanket and settle in wherever I feel comfortable.  I usually have to read over what I wrote last.  Then I turn on some music, mood appropriate of course, and get to work.

What genre of writing would you love to try?

Horror.  A lot of stuff I write has a darker feel to it and I’ve written some YA, but I would love to give horror a try.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Just one?  I’m not great with favorites.  I always end up with list of top fives.  I can never narrow it down much more than that.  I love Edgar Allen Poe.  I don’t really know why I just love the way he paints a story.  And Shakespeare, his works are timeless.

What advice would you give someone with a creative dream that doesn't necessarily fall in line with their normal lives?

Go for it!  This journey has taught me that no dream is too big or too hard to reach if you just try.  And if you don’t succeed exactly the way you want to it doesn’t matter as long as you tried your hardest.  You just have to make time to go for what you want.  Putting yourself out there and letting people know something different about you can be scary, but it can also be eye opening.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Shoes and Taylor Swift.  I love shoes and quite often have too many pairs.  As for Taylor Swift what can I say she brings out the 17 year old girl in me.

What are you totally obsessed with right now?

The show Greek.  I turned it on one day because I wanted some background noise while I was writing.  I usually pick a movie or show I think will be stupid if I’m not into music.  Well, I chose Greek and next thing I know I’m hooked.  I’ve now watched 5 seasons in about 3 weeks.  Shhh….dont’ tell anyone.

Many thanks to Britni for letting me interview her. Follow Britni on her blog and on Facebook. Be sure to get your copy of Tears in the Rubble tomorrow on, Bookstrand or ARe. Check back tomorrow for links!

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