Monday, April 23, 2012

Home Is Where The Laptop Is

I'm not incredibly picky about where I write. I've written in hair salons and high school classrooms, coffee shops and airports. I really just need my laptop or sometimes if the mood strikes I will even write with a pen and paper.

When I need to write, I need to write and I can't let a little thing like setting mess me up. However there is something to be said about having a great place to write. Think cozy, good lighting, outlets and supplies. Peace and quiet and comfortable seating are a plus too.

A few months ago I made over our guest room into my own little writing nook. It has immensely helped me to become a more productive writer as well as a more diligent one. It might have something to do with the fact that I really want to be in this room and there's really only one thing to do in it. Typey typey!

The Nook

All I have in there is a desk with some supplies, a comfy chair with my laptop table, a crazy awesome lamp and my bulletin board. It's terribly simple and yet it is the most peaceful room in my house. The rain outside the window you see doesn't hurt either when it comes to getting in the mood to write. Nothing like hearing the tapping of rain on a window when you're writing some serious romance!

Survival Kit

 A candle for ambiance. A half-hourglass for...well for fun. I found it at Kohl's and thought it was neat. A jar of peppermints to curb my candy cravings. And my collection of writing reference books and helpers. I love baby name books and of course my bible, The Character Naming Sourcebook. Some of my other favorites in there are The Daily Writer and Take Ten for Writers, both have great creative prompts to get the juices flowing when I'm stuck.

Yes I own a cell phone but I prefer paper calendars
The bulletin board is the most helpful thing in the room! I have my calendar which tells me which blogs are going up on what days and I also have blog ideas scattered up there for when I go blank. In the past I've also put up motivational words or pictures that inspired me.

Lastly, elsewhere in my home I must mention a few other things that get me through when it comes to writing. I am thankful to have this....

Because sometimes you gotta wake up!
 And I'm thankful for this....

Because sometimes you gotta chill out!

When the urge to write comes on I'll do it anywhere I have to but I can't tell you how much I enjoy having this little sanctuary in my home.

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  1. The laptop chair,table and lamp is really very nice.