Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday : Perks of a Beach Vacation

I'm headed home tonight so I'll stop with the Florida bragging tomorrow. But I had to give you all my top ten reasons why I love this place and why I'll always be a fan of the beach vacation!

10. Wildlife
Being from the Midwest I’m used to cows and Cardinals. So coming to Florida gives me the opportunity to see everything from pelicans to little lizards and even the occasional dolphin jumping around out in the ocean.

9.  Shell Hunting
Sea shells are so beautiful and there is something very relaxing about focusing on the sand to try and find the best ones.

8. Being on “vacation” time
Time doesn’t matter when you have no obligations. And that’s freaking amazing! It doesn’t matter if you wake up at 11 or eat dinner at 9. Don’t even think about wearing a watch, it won’t matter.

7. Sunsets
If you’ve watched the sun sinking into the ocean, you need no other explanation.

6. Vitamin D
I’m not one to try and catch a tan (always wear your SPF 30 or more people!), but there is no denying that soaking up a few rays really can enhance your mood.

5. Day drinking
Honestly I don’t need to be on vacation to do this (just off work) but it’s certainly nice to have a cocktail on the sand and toast to great weather.

4. Reading
Vacation is the perfect excuse to catch up on your reading list!

3. Sand
It’s soft, it’s warm and it has magical exfoliating powers. Not everyone is a fan of the stuff but I sure am.

2. Sounds of the sea
 Nothing relaxes me more than the sound of crashing waves. The constant in and out of the tide is such a soothing noise.

1.  People watching

Whether I’m sitting on the beach, by the pool, at a local haunt or even in the airport I love to watch the people. It’s the perfect excuse to make up a fantasy world using strangers as inspiration.

Thanks Florida, see you next time!

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